Brain Cancer – Mike’s story

Mike’s journey over several years is impossible to do justice to in a short summary, you really have to watch the video.
When we say that we help you do everything to defeat your cancer we mean it. It is not a marketing slogan.
We offer treatments that both compliment and improve the results of traditional treatments as well as a
few that have not become common practice in some countries yet.
Mike’s story, resulting in significant improvements encapsulates all of that.

Mike’s approach

After his diagnosis Mike reached out to friends who’s beaten cancer and all of them mentioned diet. He told his oncologist he wanted to try this for three months and see how it goes.
He approached the cancer on the widest front, learned about stillness, stress management and many other lifestyle changes

What Mike said about his treatment with Verita.

“I was diagnosed with two large stage 3 Oligodendrogilomas back in 2017.
I refused conventional treatment quite frankly because their prognosis wasn’t great.
I switched to a plant based diet, supplements and life style changes.
After two surgeries and reoccurrence I went to Verita Life  where I’ve gotten excellent results.
Today I’m cancer free praise God”