Acinic Cell Cancer

Acinic cell cancer occurs in the paropatial salivary glands. It is a rare type of tumor that is found in only 10 percent of salivary gland tumors. This type of tumor is a low-severity and very different cancer. Women suffer from salivary gland tumors more than men, and the average age for all salivary gland tumors is about 44 years old.

Workplaces exposed to radioactive material may increase the risk of salivary glands, and some families are at higher risk than normal to develop this type of cancer, but this is a rare case.

Steven’s journey

Steven, 46, from Scotland, was diagnosed with Acinic Cell Cancer, an unusual form of cancer that manifests within the salivary glands. His case worsened when the cancer metastasised to his lungs.

After an initial round of Treatment at Verita Life in late 2016, Steven returned to Thailand for further assessment from the center’s medical team.

Treatment Protocol and Improvements

After returning to Verita Life, Steven had a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan which confirmed that his tumours appeared no longer active (i.e. no FDG uptake). This was a clear indication that Steven had successfully compromised his cancer.

Steven is planning to continue the healthy lifestyle he has started to build in Verita Life.