Breast Cancer, Karolee’s story

Karolee came to Verita Life’s Mexico clinic having Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

She knew that going for the Conventional Treatment was not an option as her body was not able to take it. She came to us knowing this fact.

Along with other treatments that help to build the immune system and a thoughtfully planned diet, Karolee was able to see the improvements in her health in six weeks which she calls this Phase 1 of her fight against Cancer.

Karolee had a 6-week integrative treatment including dendritic cells and other immunotherapies, localized hyperthermia, full-body hyperthermia, IV nutrition, and daily lesion care.

Improvements following integrative treatment with Verita.

Lauren’s pain scale went from a 10 to 0 during her stay with Verita Life, this is one of the best outcomes she could ask for. Lauren said that whilst the intensity of the treatment she received was at times harder than her previous traditional treatments it was worth the effort to be pain free and see other improvements in her mood and her management of the condition.

Karolee said this about her experience with us

“The staff have been absolutely amazing, they’re nurturing and compassionate…we’ve been overwhelmed with the support and everything has been state of the art’


Two more video stories from out breast cancer patients

After a lifetime of being healthy and active, Kathy was diagnosed with a Stage III Triple Positive breast cancer. Her life completely changed in a matter of hours, and she knew she had to address not only her symptoms but the root cause of her tumor. Today, she is with us at Verita Life Mexico to share her healing journey through alternative cancer protocols.

Erica was diagnosed with breast cancer and told that her only options were surgery, chemotherapy, and traditional cancer therapies that did more harm than good by orthodox medicine. Her breast cancer was treated holistically at Verita Life Mexico, with IV therapy, ozone, anti-cancer diet plans, and other holistic cancer treatment alternatives for natural breast cancer treatment.