Cerebral Lymphoma

Primary cerebral lymphoma is a rare cancer that starts in the lymph tissues of the brain or spinal cord. It is also known as brain lymphoma or central nervous system lymphoma.

The brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system (CNS). Cells called lymphocytes are part of the lymph system and can travel through the CNS. When lymphocytes become cancerous they can cause cancer in these tissues.

The cancer is called primary cerebral lymphoma when it starts in the CNS. It can also start in the eye. When it spreads to the brain it’s called secondary cerebral lymphoma.

Francine from Australia began to experience seizures and eventually, partial paralysis. She only retained control of half her body. The only options offered to her in Australia were conventional treatments in the form of Radiation and Chemotherapy.

Due to the severe side-effects these treatments would have, she decided against receiving the standard procedures. Instead, she sought Integrative Treatments to remedy her illness.

Francine’s personal treatment plan

Francine made a substantial recovery over the course of seven weeks. During her second week of treatment she regained the ability to move her paralysed arm. By her seventh week, she managed to walk a full kilometre. Towards the end of her treatment, Francine was nearing her level of mobility prior to the onset of her illness.

Integrative Treatments were greatly beneficial to Francine. She received a variety of treatments including IPT, Metabolic Treatments, Intravenous Biological Treatment, Hyperthermia and more.